New Life Rescue

New Life Rescue is Sherrille Humphrey.  Her passion is helping any animal in need.  

Along with rescuing and caring for 25-40 dogs at a time (which she has been doing for over 10 years now).  She is a huge advocate of spaying and neutering (she has been spaying and neutering for 20 years).  

She will help people who can’t or won’t neuter their animal.  Lots of times she will have to talk to them and convince them of the importance of this.  She will pick up their animals  and will take them to spay neuter events and return them at the end of the day.   I know that she has saved thousands of animals from a life of misery because of her relentless attention to this cause.

She will help animals who are left out in horrible conditions.  She will provide dog houses to the owners (some who are old and disabled, some who can’t afford it, and some who just don’t care), provide food and water.  Anything that is needed.  I have numerous stories of her helping dogs, cats, chickens, horses.  Even a bull that was left tied with no water or food in scorching weather.  

New Life Rescue (Sherrille Humphrey) is the real deal.  

This is her life.  This is her passion.  

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