Chmielewski Blueberry Farm

“Pick Your Own Blueberries”


See You Next Year 2021


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Easy Pay  2.5 lb Container  $13.00 (Fill Container and go directly to Pay Station)

Easy Pay  2 lb Zip Lock Bag  $10.00  (Fill Container and go direct to Pay Station)

$5.00 Per Pound Blueberries  (Go to Weigh Station then to pay station)

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!  

We have 10 different varieties of blueberries.  Some will ripen Early Season. some Mid Season & some Late Season.  

The Early Picker Gets the Best Blueberries!

Children Must Stay with their Parents at All Times

Covid 19 Information:

We look forward to a wonderful season but with social distancing we will have to adapt.  Please be courteous to other people and keep the required 6 ft distance. As always children must stay with their parent at all times.  We will provide new plastic bags as always for you to line your bucket with.  We are disinfecting buckets, cups and ropes when they are brought in from use.  You are welcome to bring your own container to pick in but if you do you are responsible to pour your blueberries into the plastic bag for weighing at checkout.   

During peak hours there will be a separate weigh station and pay station to limit your wait time.  

23810 Bauer Hockley Rd.

Hockley, TX 77447