Welcome to Chmielewski’s Blueberry Farm

Always Check the Website before coming out.  

  • ALWAYS check our website before coming out!  Our hours can change according to availability of ripe blueberries, weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.  We will do our best to open up 3 days each week but the days may fluctuate according to the above reasons.  
  • Grab a bucket, container, or zip lock bag.  If you chose a bucket, line the bucket with a plastic bag provided.  
  • The ripe blueberries are scattered throughout the farm.  Look into the big bushy bushes!  A lot are under the leaves, in the middle of the bushes and on the top (See Tips for Picking Blueberries).
  • Pick as many blueberries as you want and bring them back to the checkout station.  Pull the bag of berries out of the bucket and we will weigh them for you!

The Restroom is located around the front of the White Metal building (by the white fence).  

Happy Picking!